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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1- What is the Blackboard System?

It is an integrated interactive system for managing the learning process throughout the academic institution. The system facilitates the performance of daily tasks, for both instructors and students, by providing a number of tools that allow instructors to develop comprehensive electronic courses and disseminate information. It also allows instructors to assess students through quizzes and assignments, and provide grades and results without delay. The system also allows for the interaction between all parties in the academic process?students and instructors?beyond lecture halls and official hours, through forums, virtual classrooms, chatrooms, and e-messages.

2- How can I access the Blackboard System?

You can access the Blackboard System through the following link:
Or via
- Accessing the PNU website:
- Then choosing the "E-Learning" icon.

3- How can I login to the Blackboard System?

You can login by obtaining the user name and password for your account specific to the Blackboard System.
And then doing the following:
 - For Faculty Members:
• Ensure that you have an account in the Banner System.
• Ensure that you have subjects registered on the Banner System.
• Update your email in the personal data section on the Banner System.
• The user name = the first part of the PNU email (The part that comes before the @ sign).
• Password = PNU email password
For example:
PNU Email:
Blackboard System Username: XXX
Password: same password for email

Note: In case the faculty members do not have a PNU email, they must contact their respective deanships to request one.

 - For Students:
Activating the PNU email for students via
• Visiting the PNU Website:
• Choose the “Students Email” icon to get your email, then follow the instructions.
• After obtaining the username and password for the PNU email account,
The username = The first part of the PNU email (the part before the sign @)
The Password = The PNU email password
For example:
PNU Email:
Blackboard System Username: XXX
Password: same password for email

4- What do I do if I forget my password?

You can reset your password through the following:
• Visit the PNU Website:
• Choose the “Students Email” icon, then choose “Reset Password”, then follow the instructions.
Or through the following link:

5- How can I change the language in the Blackboard System?

This can be done through the following steps:
• From the “My Places” page, choose “Personal Information”
• Change personal settings
• From the “Language Package”, then “User Language Package”, change the language then press “send”.

6- How can I access the content of my academic courses?

• Press the “Courses” page where you will find the list of your courses.
• Choose the academic course.
• From the “Tools” menu on the right corner of the page, choose “content”. You will then be able to view all the course-related files that the instructor has uploaded.

Note: Should you not be able to find the contents of your courses, please contact the course instructor who is responsible for providing the quizzes, assignments, and contents of the different courses. Sometimes, there will be time and date restrictions that control what is seen and what is hidden.

7- How do I upload my assignments to the Blackboard System?

You can do and upload your assignments through the following steps:
• Login to the academic course.
• Choose “Assignment” from the course content list.
• Read the instructions concerning assignments and uploading related files.
• Do the assignment and attach the required documents from your computer.
• Press “Deliver”.

8- Why don’t my courses appear in the Blackboard System?

Make sure that the courses are on your Banner System account.
• If they are not there, please send an email to
• If they are there, send us an email to
and provide us with the following information to be able to solve the issue:
 - Student’s name
 - PNU Email
 - Name of academic course

9- I am encountering difficulties with my information in the Banner System.

Should you be facing problems with the Banner academic system, please send us an email to :

10- How can I access the Saudi Digital Library?

You can access the Saudi Digital Library by logging in to PNU e-Learning System "Blackboard" from the following link: using your username and password, and click the Digital Library Tab.

11- I am encountering difficulties accessing the Saudi Digital Library?

Please, send an email to

12- I am encountering difficulties in the Saudi Digital Library contents?

If there is a problem in the Digital Library contents, please open the following link and fill in the form with necessary information:
and to follow up your ticket status, you can use this link:

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